Grilled Chicken with Barbeque Sauce


Grilled Chicken with Barbeque Sauce a delicious grilled chicken recipe goes good with chapati, Naan and Roti.

Serves: 2


6 cooked chicken pieces from the curry (2 drumsticks and other 4 medium size) any Indian style Chicken curry of your choice like Punjabi chicken masala, Mangalorean chicken curry, Kerala chicken curry …

2 tablespoon barbeque sauce (Barbeque sauce easily available @ leading supermarkets in Chennai)

Grill pan or any other non stick pan

2 teaspoon oil


Carefully remove chicken pieces from the curry (without gravy).

In a bowl, mix cooked chicken pieces with 2 tablespoon barbeque sauce. Marinate evenly with a tablespoon. Cover and keep aside for half an hour (or minimum 15 minutes).

Heat oil in a grill pan (or any other non stick pan) on medium heat. Arrange marinated chicken pieces carefully and grill chicken pieces until golden brown and crisp on both the sides (7 – 8 minutes for each side). Serve hot with fresh salad / tomato ketchup / green chutney or as a starter (or a delicious after school snack instead of KFC and McDonalds).

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