Masala Omelette

Masala Omelette –  Thick omelette, made with eggs, cheese and mixed vegetables !!
Serves :  2.- 3
3 eggs , beaten
2 tablespoon onion, chopped
1 cheese cube,  grated
2 teaspoon milk
2 tablespoon chopped coriander or mint leaves (or a mix of mint and coriander)
2 tablespoon grated carrot or thinly shredded cabbage (or a mix of carrot and cabbage)
2 tablespoon chopped tomato
Salt and pepper to taste (or ¼ teaspoon each)
2 teaspoon Butter / oil
To serve : with bread / fruit juice or milk
In a bowl, mix beaten egg, onion, tomato, coriander – mint leaves, grated cheese, milk, grated carrot (or cabbage) and salt and pepper. Mix all until  all the ingredients until well combined.
Heat omelette pan on medium heat.  Grease with 2 teaspoon oil or butter.
Pour omelette mixture gently and shake the omelette pan to spread it evenly and cook on a medium heat. Cover with a lid and cook on a medium to low heat for 6 – 8 minutes (until top portion cooked well).
The underside should be light golden in color.
Remove the omelette from the pan carefully.

Flip over omelette and cook the other side. Once it turn light golden color (underside) remove carefully with a flat spatula. Serve with whole wheat bread  / fruit juice / milk or serve as a snack . Cut it into desired shape and size. Consume immediately.

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