Saravana Bhavan Vegetable Pulao

Saravana Bhavan Vegetable Pulao is very famous in Southern India and top selling recipe in all vegetarian hotels.  Serve it with onion capsicum gobi fry. It’s a traditionally a Chinese dish. It’s also a kind of healthy dish.

To prepare Saravana Bhavan Vegetable Pulao

  • Onion – 2 (finaly chopped)
  • Capsicum – 1 (finaly chopped)
  • Carrot – 2 (finaly chopped)
  • Beans -10 (finaly chopped)
  • Ginger garlic paste – 2 spn
  • Fennel seeds -1 tsp
  • Pepper powder – 2 spn
  • Salt – as needed
  • Butter – 25 gms
  • Coriander seeds – as needed
  • Basmathi rice – 1 cup (soak it for 1/2 hour)
  • Cinamom – 2 sticks
  • Salt – 1 spn
  • Water – 3 cup
  • Coconut oil – 1 1/2 spn
  • First begin with the rice, take rice in a bowl and soaked it for 1/2 hour.
  • Heat a pan with water, add cinamom, salt and coconut oil let them to boil.
  • Now add in soaked rice and cook them till they are 98 percent done.
  • When you taste it, it should have a little bite to it.. and drain it and set aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan which you are making pulao.
  • Add in fennal seeds, ginger garlic paste toss it well.
  • Now add chopped onions, capsicum, cutted veggies toss well, until the veggies cooked.
  • Along with that add salt, pepper powder, and coriander leaves.
  • Now the cooked rice to it and mix evenly.
  • Now Saravana Bhavan Vegetable Pulao is ready to serve.
  • Serve it with onion capsicum gobi fry.

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