Custard Caramel Pudding

Custard Caramel Pudding

This is the most simple pudding recipe and the ingredients will always be available in kitchen so anyone can just make it anytime.

Ingredients : Serve 4

  • 2 eggs (beaten)
  • 5 table spoon sugar
  • 250 ml milk

For caramel sauce : 4 table spoon sugar + 1 table spoon water , prepare about 2 table spoon hot water to add to caramel sauce later

Steps :

  1. Brush the pudding mold with unsalted butter to make it easy to remove pudding from the mold.
  2. Cook sugar and water till sugar caramelized, add hot water quickly and stir for a while, pour a table spoon of caramel to each pudding mold.
  3. Melt sugar in milk until dissolved and whisk to the beaten eggs.
  4. Strain the mixture and pour on top of the caramel inside the pudding mold.
  5. Cover pudding with aluminum foil and steam below boiling temperature for about 20 minutes. (I just realized that I am running out of aluminum foil therefore I substitute using the aluminum cup)
  6. Remove from heat and let to cool before putting them on fridge.

Upon serving, remove the pudding from its mold.

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