Mi Goreng Noodles with Prawns

Mi Goreng Noodles with Prawns

Mi Goreng Noodles with Prawns is a famous Asian Noodles recipe everyone like the taste.


450 g yellow noodles
1 large onion (ground)
2 red onions (blended)
2 cloves garlic (blended)
little chili minced
1 egg
10 prawns (shelled)
2 pieces of tofu or Soya meat(cut into cubes)
adequately fishcake (optional)
1 Knorr chicken stock cubes
chilli sauce
tomato sauce
dark soy sauce
sweet soy sauce
oyster sauce
Etc if you like: vegetable sprouts, cabbage, mustard, and, musk lime, red chilli coriander


Saute the onion-garlic blended until fragrant. Chicken cubes and minced chillies and saute it until golden. Then, add dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce and sweet soy sauce to taste. Stir average.
Enter tofu and a little water. Stir gently so that tofu is not scrambled. Then, add shrimp and fish cake. Whisk the eggs and stir again.
Enter the noodles and mix-mix. Finally add the other vegetables. If less sense, can add soy sauce, salt and so on.
Once cooked, remove and serve.

Can also be adorned with red chilli, spring onion, coriander leaves, fried onions, liamu musk and others.

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